3 Ways To Give:

1. Give In Church

The most typical way to give is to come join us for our Sunday or Wednesday services and if you are able, we would love to see you join us there. However, we realize that there are some who would like to support our ministry who are not able to physically be at the church. So we have added a few more ways to make it easier for those of you to support us.

2. Give Online

The second way to give is through online giving via a company called “”. Clicking the green “Give” button above will bring up a page that will allow you to give without ever leaving our website. This page will ask things like how much you would like to give, what you would like the money to go towards, and several other things. Using this online giving, while convenient, is not entirely free. The church has a small fee to pay for each time money is given; if you would like to help the church and cover this fee, there is a small button at the bottom that you can click if you choose to cover this fee for us.

3. Give On Mobile

The third way to give is with the mobile app. This app can be found in both the apple and android stores.