I’m New

Everyone is Welcome at Calvary Baptist Church.

                        Welcome to Calvary!

Visiting a new church can be overwhelming. We want to ease that feeling as much as possible! Here’s some information that should make your first visit a comfortable experience and allow you to turn your attention to God’s Word instead of trying to figure out our routine.

As you arrive: When you turn into our parking lot, you’ll find several parking spots reserved for visitors. Please use them – that’s why they’re there. (Click here for directions.)

Finding your place: As you enter, you’ll meet our friendly greeters. Let them know you’re new, and they’ll be glad to help you find the rooms you need.

Sunday schedule: At 9:45 a.m., we offer Sunday School for children and adults. Our morning worship service follows at 10:45 a.m., with music and a message from the Bible. During the last song, your child(ren) ages 4-6th grade will be dismissed for Junior Church where they will have an age appropriate service with music, Scripture memory, a message from the Word of God, and a story time centered on the application of the message they heard. Our evening service, at 6 p.m., is different from the morning service and provides a second time of worship and another challenge from God’s word.

For your littlest ones: We provide care for children 3 and younger in two different nurseries, separated by age and development. Please plan to arrive a little early if you’ll be using the nursery. If nursery workers have a question or your child needs you, we will send someone to inform you.

What to wear: You’ll find many of us in traditional “Sunday best,” suits, dresses, and that sort of thing. Others will be dressed more casual. Please don’t agonize over this decision. You’re welcome no matter what.

Our worship services: Music is a key element of worship at Calvary Baptist Church. You’ll hear a lot of it, and you’ll have opportunities to sing along, too. Our music is conservative and traditional. We use a combination of old hymns and new pieces for a song service that is approachable, excellent, and faithful to Scripture. You’ll also hear announcements from one of the pastors, about upcoming activities or projects. We sometimes take a few minutes to greet one another – and you, too. Many of us will wander around during this time, catching up with friends and meeting new people. Don’t feel like you have to leave your seat. We take an offering at every service. Do not feel obligated to give! This is how our church family demonstrates an open heart toward God, our great Giver, and supports His work both in the church and worldwide. Finally, and most importantly, you will hear a message from God’s Word. Sometimes our pastor will speak on a specific topic, but usually you’ll find us working our way through a book of the Bible, one passage at a time, uncovering the lessons God has for us.

What you’ll have to do: Nothing! We welcome you to join us in any of the elements of congregational worship, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. During the service, we usually offer first-time visitors a chance to take some information about our church. But you won’t be asked to stand or speak.

Other questions: If there’s anything else you’d like to know before visiting, please feel free to get in touch.

Service Times

Sunday Small Groups - 9:45 AM

Sunday morning - 10:45 AM

Sunday evening - 6:00 PM

Wednesday evening - 7:30 PM

Children and youth ministries begin at 7:15

What to Expect

Below you will find some quick information to help you get to know a little bit about us. If you have any questions,
comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Arrival Time

Many people come early in order to fellowship, but there will be a place for you whenever you arrive.

What to Wear

You will be welcome in whatever you feel most comfortable. Many in our church will be wearing their "Sunday best", with others more casual.

Worship Style

Our worship style could be described as traditional. We like to sing the time-tested hymns of the faith, but also enjoy newer songs and choruses.

Teaching Style

Each service and Sunday school class shares a Biblically-focused message. We love to learn and apply the truths of God's Word.